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    Trevor Simpson 30.5 full mod with TPS ignition system

    Hi all, Was just wondering if anybody has done a TS engine with a TPS system. I am looking to modify my engine to accept this system but have no clue where to start work on. I have looked through the forum and come across this thread...
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    Pitbull RC 'Tight Bite' Inner Wells Club

    Hey guys i am sure many of you run with Rene's awesome product. So lets post up and let others enjoy the protection and the look it gives to the truck. Let me start the ball rolling... Early in the morning the postal lady rang my doorbell and handed me a box: Front view of the inner wells...
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    Killer RC kill switch problem

    hi all, i have installed my killer rc kill switch and the thing just doesnt seem to work. it is a v2 and it is connected to my receiver via a splitter that joins together with my steering. before my engine swap the kill switch was working fine but it just stopped working after a new engine was...
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    Stock 5t camber and toe-in

    Hey guys, I am converting my 5b over to a 5t. The parts are already on their way. I would like to know what is the stock setting for the camber and toe in for the 5t. Or even better what camber and toe in do you 5t guys think will be good for general bashing on a sandy area with some short...
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    awesome guys finally a singapore thread is back online...its a pity that 2 years worth of posts are gone but we can start everything again :) continue bashing hard guys... cheers :)
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    Help with velocity stack choice

    Hey guys, i am very new to this baja business and i was wondering if you guys could help me with my velocity stack choice..i am choosing between a Blur high torque v stack and a TeamPhatDadRC shreadstack...