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    Baja 5sc Flux Vs Losi 5ive-T

    Check it out guys, it was pretty close. But the Losi out classed it in every way Im driving the Losi
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    ProRC Indoor/Outdoor Australia!!!!!

    Hi guys, Just thought I share a new Track we are currently building on the Central Coast NSW, Its not quite finished yet, But il update this thread as it happens. We are not sure on the total length yet, But it is 5 metres wide.
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    New Rockstar 5T Body!!!!!!

    Here's a few pics of my new Rockstar 5T body, I was going to get it custom painted but couldn't afford it!. I painted it with 3 coats of glitter and backed it with 2 cans of black, I cut out all the tint in the window decals with an exacto knife. Looks heaps better. Im getting some Chev decals...
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    Wicked Baja Photo's!!!!!!!!

    Check these out guys, My mate BigKev snapped these yesterday of me testing my 5T Before the big State Of Origin event!:gunsmilie: Pics taken on a Nikon D90, Unbelievable in high res! thanks for looking guys!!!!!!
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    Micro Hobby First FREE Contest for Copper Beadlocks!

    Hasn't this thing ended yet?
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    Lethal rc giveaway!

    nice nuts i like the first 1's!
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    Micro Hobby First FREE Contest for Copper Beadlocks!

    204 is my guess today!!!!!!!!!
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    Micro Hobby First FREE Contest for Copper Beadlocks!

    i say 202 pieces, Cheers!!!!!!!!
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    Gabe Brown Team Drivers!

    Hey fella's i was just wondering if any of you guys are Sponsored by GBE?, How do you get intouch with him?. Is he still making parts?. Thanks in Advance guys!.
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    #1 CCRacing Engines

    Guys, Just want to say a huge Thankyou to Carlo from CCracing, Awesome bloke and an Absolute legend!. Few of you guys know that ive had a few problems with my Promod(User Error) mainly. Being in Australia its hard to do business with you guys in the States with timezones etc, But Carlo has...
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    Carbon Racer Kit!!!!!!

    Hey guys is there any1 that actually sells a complete carbon Kit????. I would purchase 1 for sure. Some1 out there should be making them instead of having to buy bits and pieces from different manufacturer's. So many people people are doing Carbon builds these days.
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    Say something Nice about another forum member

    Its an Awesome place! 28.5 ron, He's a top fella. Loves Australia:D.
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    Say something Nice about another forum member

    Monsterman, He was the first person to help me out with a problem. Helps every1, Genuine nice guy!!!!!!!!!!.
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    HELP!!!!!! Wheels can't decide

    Guys im starting to think i need professional mental help!!!!:laugh:. I can't stop spending money on these things, Its getting out of hand:cursing: I can't decide which car to put my new wheels and tyres on.....At nearly $650au all up, Im not buying another set??????? Baja Skunkworks, Thanks...
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    GBE Endbleed Dyno????

    Guys ive searched everywhere on the forum, I cant seem to find any dyno results for GBE pipes?. I was wondering what sort of hp the EB bleed makes compared to a rear dom, Has any1 dyno'ed the pipe or know how it compares power wise? Anyone?????? Thanks in advance guys!.
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    Your favourite youtube clips!!!!

    Guys i thought id start a thread for you tube vids, we do it on another small forum im on. I like seeing all the crazy shit people are into. The bandag bullet is the shit, seen this thing many years ago. They have to scrape the rubber off the track...
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    My custom 5B body by Greenlep!!!!!

    check this out guys, i had greenlep paint me a Proline underbody for the desert rat that he had for sale. I love how it turned out it should look awesome all mounted up! Here's the donor vehicle, and this is her new skin:gunsmilie: