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    zenoah piston coating review?

    hello buddy, anyone ever try this piston and how about the performance.... from ddm and limited time
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    5b SS kit?

    hi buddy, can i have full parts list on this item is there i got two tuned pipe? dom V2 and hpi tuned pipe?
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    too much smoke with 990 carb?

    hello buddy, my car has too much smoke and oil outing from T can with 990 carb even trying to lean the setting... got any option to make it smokeless? my ratio oil 25/1 and 30/1 both are same
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    6k clutch engagement?

    hello buddy, how im gonna make my clutch engage below than 6k? maybe 5.5k or less than that.... is there others way to get it?
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    16t pinion?

    can this 16t pinion use with 57t stock?
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    28.5cc or 29.5cc for bolt on reed?

    what is the best overall performance for bolt on reed engine 28.5cc or 29.5cc?
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    any buddy from Malaysia

    hi all buddy, if u are from Malaysia please let us know, maybe we can bash together
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    carb hydrolock??

    hi all buddy i got 668 carb, can i still use this carb after getting the hydrolock problem? if it still the same as before
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    camber degree for off road??

    hi all, what is the degree of rear and front camber for off road?