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  1. 92 vert

    WTB Innovative big bores WTB

    Looking for some innovative big bores for my Baja 5t. Price shipped to Illinois. Thanks
  2. 92 vert

    baja parts lot

    Few things I do not need.... All parts are stock...the spur gear is Hostile. $30 shipped for the lot.
  3. 92 vert

    Sold / Found Nightmare MX

    2 rear Hostile MX mounted on stock rims.. $30 shipped
  4. 92 vert

    new baja

    I just picked this up to go along with my 5ive.... It has a ton of mods..
  5. 92 vert

    Sold / Found 30.5 prostock complete

    I bought this off a buddy with a fresh rebuild for my 5ive but am selling to fund my winter racing with intent on buying another motor in the spring...will include everything but the TR clutch housing and air filter that I am keeping for my new motor...clutch will be included.. Has a 990 carb...
  6. 92 vert

    2014 Midwest Largescale Shootout

    Vinnys R/C Raceway in Lake Geneva WI is proud to present the 2014 Midwest Largescale shootout... Aug 7-10th 2014 Early info.... $45 first class....$60 unlimited classes.. 1/5 electric buggy 1/5th electric truck 4wd buggy 4wd truck (pro,sportman) 2wd buggy(pro,sportman) 2wd truck(pro,sportman)...
  7. 92 vert

    Battle at the Lake at Vinny r/c raceway

    Battle at the Lake at Vinnys r/c raceway Pricing on the way shortly.... We are talking to Largescale sponsors for a giveaway... We will be grilling good food also... Come out and have some fun..
  8. 92 vert

    Sold / Found Pitdawg gear cover

    skull print $11 shipped
  9. 92 vert

    Sold / Found possible losi sale

    Found a Losi local and if I can move these as a pair quick I will pick it up.. 2013 Baja 5b with 1 1/2 tanks on it. Spektrum Radio Super bee kill switch Modified rc bumper hostile rear tires windows Aluminum gas cap Turtle front shock brace Turtle rear shock brace enclosed wheel nuts DGI pipe...
  10. 92 vert

    Vinnys R/C Raceway...

    Just talked to the owner....1/5th welcomed with 120+ FT straight.. plenty big for 1/5th scale AMB scoring.. Racing every Sunday with pratice days during the week.. There is a small 1/5th group that has been out to pratice to get ready for the 1st race this Sunday.. Owner is John call for...
  11. 92 vert

    Sold / Found Roll cage

    Roll cage with Modified RC quick disconnect tubes and a 5t roof guard The tubes and roof guard have never been run $40 shipped
  12. 92 vert

    5T bug

    Almost ready for the summer...
  13. 92 vert

    Super Bee with a DX3C

    After install I could not get the Aux to work and if I turned the wheels the motor would die... After some research on Killer RC forum it seems that I had steering mixing was acting like a Aux when the wheels were turned. After turning this off my Aux button worked and I can turn...
  14. 92 vert

    Sold / Found nice baja cheap

    I have lots more feedback on rctech under same username This buggy needs a headgasket...throttle servo and a radio to run(head is off the car) Has Turtle racing top plate,rear plate,brake plate,front and rear shock braces and pullstart.. has lots of spares....too much to list... hitech...
  15. 92 vert

    my bajas

    I just picked up the grey one in a trade for my sc10 4x4...its less than 1 tank old....I just finished the other one for Silverlake next month..
  16. 92 vert

    My new toy....

    Here is my new car...not as cool as my baja but its not bad.
  17. 92 vert

    Sold / Found 5t dominator pipe

    Good shape...comes with header and pipe. No spring or hardware $sold
  18. 92 vert

    Sold / Found 5b rims...Hostile tires

    New front 5b rims.... Hostile Nightmare MX mounted with Proline wheels..tread is good but they are used.. Traded locally...thanks
  19. 92 vert

    Sold / Found Flywheel set...Aluminum rear shock towers.

    Flywheel set is new..still in bubble wrap...$SOLD Rear towers are in good shape...SOLD Or $30 for both
  20. 92 vert

    Sold / Found Mounted Hostile slicks....Scorpion chassis package

    Mounted Hostile slicks with proline rear wheels and stock front...Not sure what kind of foams are in them as I received them in a package deal.. $SOLD Scorpion chassis and rear chassis plate...good condition. SOLD