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    2 bolt Trevor Simpson Case Reed converted to 4 bolt

    Made the decision to convert my 2 bolt to a 4 bolt for better cylinder choices
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    Hpi Baja Rear hub degree for drag racing?

    Hello I'm in the market for rear hubs what degree is best for drag racing??
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    Full Mod Trevor Simpson 3mm Kawasaki long rod Baja Build

    Trying to get back into things pulled rc from storage now wanting to set it up for full drag racing . Need to button up the rear end for better performace 330feet
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    Any One Running in Miami

    Any dirt tracks in Miami or broward county Florida?
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    Hpi Baja wheelie bar project

    A spare Hpi Baja that i had sitting in my shed decided to make something out of it
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    Lipo 7.2 Which voltage regulator ?????

    Hello I am looking to convert my Gas Baja to lipo 7.2 but i need to drop the volts to 6.0 which voltage regulator would be good ????????????
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    Twin Trevor Simpson reed Motor????

    Is there a possibility in future a 57cc Twin Trevor Simpson Case reed Motor will appear???? I will love to own one .
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    Proto type Trevor Simpson reed 62cc ?

    Is there such thing? proto type trevor simpson 62cc reed???
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    Does any one else have a Full TS 3mill long rod out there???

    Hello every one I purchased a Full Ported TS reed 3mill long rod motor about 4 years ago. I just wanted to see if anyone else has one too.
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    Front hpi Skinnies tarmac

    Proto type Front hpi Shinnies tarmac. Here's how they look , What you guys think about them??? [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Need some tips on what set up would help me pop wheelies on road

    My b5 ss has stock suspension all around . What degree hubs, what shock oil to use, spring, et. Just want to know what would help me before I order from ddm.
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    FIRST TS Trevor Simpson Kawasaki 3mill Reed Motor Hpi Baja 5b video #1

    Well today I got her finished her is a video :D
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    Can a Trevor Simpson Fan cover work on Baja??

    Just checking if the TS fan cover works
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    What 2 Speed Is Good??????

    Well I am in the process of buying a 2 speed and i want to buy a reliable 2 speed. Can some one HeLp:confused:
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    What would be a good upgrade on my gear box?

    What would be the best upgrade on my tranny??
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    Hpi BAJA Asphalt Drag racing Shocks

    Should the shock be hard or soft for drag racing????
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    Hpi BAJA Asphalt Drag racing

    I am planning to built a drag baja. So my question is what tires should I use????
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    Full Mod Trevor Simpson 3mm Kawasaki long rod Baja Build

    Full Mod Trevor Simpson 3mm Kawasaki long rod Baja Project build Well i decided to put my Full Mod Trevor Simpson 4bolt 3mm Kawasaki long rod reed motor in my baja ss. It's going to take some work because it was build for a goped not for rc bajas but that's ok. Today I receive the first thing I...