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    Lancelin 2013

    A few of us are going to Lancelin on the 24th and 25th of August to have an informal bash. If anyone is keen we will be there in the usual spot.
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    5B Question

    Have recently picked up a second hand 5B. Am currently getting rid of all the stock weak parts. Pulled the gear box apart and removed the diff to change to Turtle cups. Noticed the diff has bearings and not bushes and the lay shaft to the gearbox also has bearing at the end away from where the...
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    Turtle Racing V2 Clutch Housing

    I have a new V2 clutch housing which fits the standard clutch case. When I bolt the two together the small part that allows the case to be removed without taking the brake side apart does not sit right up to the case tight. When I tried to mount the case to the Turtle racing billet clutch case...
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    RCMK Crank with Zenoah Piston Bearing

    Is it OK to use Zenoah piston with the Zenoah bearing on the RCMK crank? Is it the same as using Zenoah on CY cranks?
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    TS Domes

    Can you run a 1mm crank with a standard stroke 13:1 dome? Hopefully there will be enough clearance and just be higher compression.
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    VRC Big Bore on a 5B

    I have a new VRC Big Bore side mount pipe to fit to my 5B. It came with no mounting bracket and need to know how to mount the pipe to the buggy. The bracket on the pipe seems to be facing away from the chassis. Maybe someone has some photo's of how it is done?
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    CY or Zenoah Piston Pin Clip

    As it says....can you use one in place of the other. Will a CY clip still work and be reliable in a Zenoah piston? Really don't want one of these clips to let go!
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    Get your hands on my Dog Balls CONTEST!!!!

    I want to get my hands on some DPR dog balls
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    Threshold Air Filters

    Does anybody know why Threshold filters are not available anymore? (the whole assembly not just element) I have one and love it. Everybody wants one but can no longer get one???
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    Carb Mod

    Has anyone ever tried to machine out enough of the carb casting around the throttle shaft to allow the use of a sealed bearing? Takes the sand issue away and will last much longer! Only thing is there is enough casting there to allow it?
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    sand proof carb mod

    Don't know if anybody has tried it yet?? Have installed the boot that fits around the ignition coil lead where it meets the ignition coil itself on the thottle shaft to prevent sand wearing it out.Don't think it requires a photo as it is straight forward if you have a look at the ignition coil...