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    Some of us are still alive
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    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    2 days and no Baja special. Only losi And kraken
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    Mysterious issue

    What was it?
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    Spur gear dampers

    Ouuff tough, eBay is your best bet.
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    Found a air leak.

    So I been working on the Bajas for a bit now, maintenance mostly. as I fixed a stripped exhaust thread in the head with a helicoil, and waited a day for the red thread lock to settle on the bolts. Meanwhile, I regreased the tranny on this one (the kraken) and also on the the 5B, and finished up...
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    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    Yes! WT 990! I'm getting 2 or 3
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    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    Ahh what bad timing for me, I missed out on the DOM pipe for $99. Guess I'm going to have to get a blemished one. I'm going to wait until Monday to put in my order to see what comes up on the DOTD, hopefully a goodie.
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    5B to 5sc conversion instructions

    Why not download the exploded view for the site official site? It is very simple to convert "just the body".
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    Mysterious issue

    Need more info: type of tx/Rx, Killswitch, battery, servos?
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    FLM pin problem

    Have you checked for play inside the hole where the pin is? Someone once told me to use red loctite in the pin holes, it worked for me, if not try getting a hold of FLM.
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    WTB Xmaxx 8s for BAJA

    *Baja SS or 5sc or upgraded Baja. I have a Xmaxx 8s with batteries and charger and titanium shock shafts. Bought it 2 summers ago, has been sitting in my garage almost a year now. Body is 4/10 can use a new one. Works fine, batteries seem to have puffed a little. Tested it 1 hour prior to this...
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    Dave's Discount Motors, Deal of the Day!

    Got me 2 starters and a bunch of other goodies.