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    Me and my son on the FRT truck

    The first videos with the new GoPro bought it last week . The first video driver is me and the second my son. The rear tires are turmac getting slick thats why we did't had such a good grip.
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    dom v2 or uberrc predator

    Which one is the best for on-road track?
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    gt18x - Billet Enclosed Clutch Drum Carrier bearings

    Like the tittle says anyone replace and know the part number of the out and in bearings of the encl carrier? Thanks.
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    Zenoah G29RC fitting

    Hi to all Three members from the Greek Hpi Baja forum just ordered a new Zenoah g29rc engine that is on the black Friday DDM sales . We would like to ask if it is a direct fit for our 5b/5T or it need something extra for to fit it...
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    Big bore kit CY 23cc

    Hi friends I have a baja 5b (23cc CY 2bolt) with a ddm v2 pipe on it I drive my car on street. I want to buy a kit so my car can go faster . what kit should i get please prefer kits from DDM. ALSO what else would i have to change.
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    My first paint

    Hi i try it and i did it !! Here is my first paint job. How do you find it?
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    Strange noise

    Hi I put on an enclosed clutch carrier and from then on this strange noise come throu see video Any idea what is this? i have allready stock clutch on it with 10 tank i change the bearing of enc clutch carrier I noticed that the 2 stock gears is not turning easy like the do with the stock HPI...
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    Made cheap stand

    I made a cheap stand and i wanted to share with you Here are some pics [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] and finnaly [/IMG] [/IMG] That stand cost me almost 12 € :laugh: the plastic pipe is 32mm
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    what digi servos

    Hi guys What digital servos is the best to buy for my 5b
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    Need to reverse the servos ?????

    Hi Guys I need some help. I have installed on my 5 month old 5b rtr a new kill switch and a new radio futaba 3pm-mx to get the settings dialed in the throttle and brake have a problem. When I hit the gas or brake the servo goes in the opposite direction than it should. Any help here would be...
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    Nomadio React 110 4 Channel RC 2.4Ghz

    Hi folks First off all i want to wish all of you a Happy and healthy new year. New in the forum and I need your opion about The next days i am gonna invest to a Nomadio React 110 4 Channel RC 2.4Ghz Do i have to put also a kill switch to be secure Sorry for my bad englisch Thanks!
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    Where is the best price in Europe

    Hi guys I am new in Rc cars and i am looking to buy Baja SS from Europe not from Us ,because of custom If anyone can Help me to find the best price i will apreciate it Also experts a need a list what more to run it. Thanks Chris.