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    Sold / Found Baja,Losi,Engine and lots of parts..CRAZY DEAL !!!

    //////Everything is SOLD /////////This is A HPI 5B SS Buggy that was set up for racing but can be just played with or bashed. Has been adult owned and maintained,although it is used so it has very few minor scratches and nicks.Buggy has a brand new 29.5 OBR engine that has only been broke in and...
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    Race 12/22/13

    Hey everyone we are down hear in vanceboro and the track looks good,so grab your Baja and come race with us today
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    2013 Nationals

    come on guys,we are less than a week away from the Nationals. where is all the talk? who all is plan on coming to race? lets see some pics of your rides. i know some of you guys do a special body just for this race,so give us a peek. this is the one im running.
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    Saw that this date is a race day,but no talk on here .is any of you guys gonna race this weekend.roll call,who's coming????
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    ok we got rained out last week,but things are looking alot better this sunday with temps around 70. so who all is coming this week. don`t forget this race is for a good cause so come out and show your support.:clap:
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    is anyone planning on racing this weekend? i know we have had alot of rain here and i think they are calling for some saturday there too,can someone down that way keep us informed on the condition of track if racing sun?
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    are you guys gonna race this weekend?
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    Sold / Found Hpi misc parts

    pull start/air filter outerwears. $25.00 shipped in US. accept paypal,money order,check(must be cleared before shipped) SOLD !! rear shock repair kit, $20.00 shipped in US. payment same as above' SOLD. super heavy duty drive axle cups. $20.00 shipped in US. payment same as...
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    shamokinsteeler pleasure to deal with

    was a pleasure to deal with shamokinsteeler and very fast payment.thanks
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    Sold / Found Proline Undertray (new)

    Proline undertray for 5B. item is new in original package. will take $25.00 shipped in US. paypal only SOLD
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    Sold / Found Dominator pipe

    Dominator pipe for 5B/5T. item is used but in good shape.will take $60.00 shipped in US. paypal only SOLD
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    Sold / Found Ddm dominator pipe for 5t

    DDM Dominator wrap around pipe for 5T. item is used but in good shape. will take $75.00 shipped in US. paypal only SOLD
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    boots with super hd diff cups

    has anyone had any problems with boots on the super hd diff cups. it seems that my outer cups are so big that the boots don`t wanna go into the hub. when i finally got it in the boots are rubbing and would not stay in.has anyone had this issue?
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    ? about shock oil

    do you have to change anything to run silicone oil,cause they say to use petrolium base just wondering.
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    diff cup issues

    just wondering are any others having problems with their diff cups(on diff side) burring up real bad. i have ran 1 race and they are already chewed up only on right side. i am running on oval track and i realize right side gets more stress,but 1 race? i have after market motor but nothing...
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    dominator on edm

    has anyone ever ran a dominator pipe on edm. i was wondering if there was anyway around cutting hole in side of body,if not looks like it might melt body. just dont have funds to get another pipe right now,so any help would bre appreciated.
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    Practice/Play Dirt Oval Track In Kenly, N.C.

    we have a practice/play dirt oval track that is a loose dirt setup. we currently are running hpi bajas with pin tires on it but are trying to get more interest in this area. so if you have any scale rc gas,nitro or electric that can run on loose dirt bring it out to play. most of the time we are...
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    Oval in Eastern N.C.???

    i have just gotten a baja buggy 5b and i am very interested in running some oval with it. so i am just wondering how much interest the is in this area and if anyone is willing to build an oval. there are at least 5 or 6 guys that i know of right now that are interested,and sure of more to come...
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    dirt oval ??

    i heard a rumor that tommy may want to do an oval. has anybody else heard of this? i think it would be a good idea(i am partial to ovals). lot less breakage on vehicles and alot of you guys maybe have never tried ovals,so let`s hear what you think of this idea.
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    racing 2/28/10

    last i heard that it is supposed to 52 sunday,are you guys racing?