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    New sign above baja station

    Ordered a new sign to hang above the baja work station when odering my pro pipe :D need to find a spot to hang that summit sign now lol :)
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    Sold / Found WTS: Kraken aluminum L brackets for the class1

    Selling Kraken aluminum L brackets for the class1 cage SOLD
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    pull start

    Have a cy pullstart and its having trouble retracting is that the large spring in the pullstart? this should fix it right? ~thanks
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    anyway to save this tire?

    was out bashing and bead tore on 1 of my trenchers, it still has plenty of tread so would like to save it if i can :) ripped threw 6 of the 10 beads so only 4 holding it together at the moment lmk what you guys think, thanks
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    FLM arms maintenance

    Been running the FLM extended arms for a while now, love them they are great! But baja recently sat for about 2months and had no steering issues when last used and when I went to look over it the steering was very hard, felt like binding. Took it apart to find that the ball at the end of the...
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    70cc vs 50cc vs ???

    Looking to buy a motor soon and want to get your guys opinion on what motor will best fit me. I did not see a thread like this so hope its not a repost. So I have done quite a bit of research on a few different motors and from what I can tell the best of the best are the rcmax 70cc and the bzm...
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    Sold / Found 5b bodys and skid

    Selling 5b Blue body, Clear body and skid because I converted to class1 cage. SOLD The blue body is from ddm Was never used, got my class 1 cage before I had a chance to use. I did mount it up once to see what it looked like but was never ran or even started...
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    Video at the park with bmoc

    A short video I made on my phone of me and [email protected] at the park near my house. The music is the only thing my phone would let me put on it lol
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    pipe question

    Im running the VRC Big Bore non-silenced sidemount pipe but recently got it banged up pretty good, looking to get a new 1 soon. I really liked the pipe but was wondering if there is a better pipe i can get for more top end. I run a 30.5 f/m and have plenty of low end so looking for a pipe that...
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    chassis kick up question

    Right now im just using a stock chassis with stock upper plate/5t bumper looking to strengthen the kick up I have broke a chassis before and just replaced with stock again not knowing about the kraken x2/x3 (will be getting 1 of these when stock 1 breaks) So question is how much support do i...
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    pipe mounting hardware

    To start I have a victory side mount pipe i broke the mounting hardware (metal plate that holds the end of pipe in place) where can i get new mounting hardware for it? thanks for the help
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    FLM Extended Arm question

    To start my baja started as a 5b i have a class 1 roll cage with the class 1 bumper so most of the front end is from a 5t my question is when i go to buy a FLM Extended Arm kit it says (NOTE:The V1 tower is best for the 5T, the V2 tower is best for the 5B) whats the main thing i should be...
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    hostile boots problem

    was just wondering if anyone could tell me what im doing wrong. I have the darksoul gen 3 dogbones with turtle racing cups and i use the hostile boots after about a full tank the boots will be twisted up on the dogbones iv ripped 2 already and had a few twisted up on me but not rip i use...