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    Ocean springs Ms

    Been transferred to the ocean springs area looking to meet other addicts of the large scales
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    Rebulid of the punished

    Let me start by saying the 5T is over three years old now, about 8 gal of gas run though still purred so sweet until she meet with the ditch. few minor repairs in the time( clutch bell, one A arm and let us not forget the tires many sets) all in all she has taken just about everything that was...
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    White Gas

    I just got a used baja 5b. the person that owned it says you have to run it on white gas or it will not work. My question is what is the octane of the white gas in my 5t i run 110 and would like to run it in the 5b also. Would i need to make any modification to switch it back to gas
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    5T is BAck

    Just looking at the HPI europe Site and they have a new verison of the 5T hope we can get it in the us
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    Hampton Roads

    Looking for people that want to have some fun on Sunday. I have a place in mind but if you are in the area and have an idea let me know.
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    Is the a way to tell if my servo is going bad. I would like to know before i spend the money on a new one.
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    Any help

    I am getting ready to take my 5t all the way apart and have been looking in the manual and some things are adding up. I have a list of all the parts but the numbers do not seem right.IE beadlock screws 25 o-ring for the air filter 4 I know there are screw kits out there and i will be getting...
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    Need Help with a part

    I was runing the 5T and one of my wheels came off, Nothing new. Walked over looking for the pin that feel out and did not find it but did find this pin I can not find where it might go any help would be appreciated
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    Futaba 3pm-mx

    Ok i am not the sharpest crayon in the box but am also not the one that you just thew away because it snapped ....:oops: Well i am looking at my tx and wanted to get a battery pack for it and last time i checked 8 AA @ 1.5 v is 12 v and the radio when i turn it one has always shown...
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    5b Rims on 5t

    was wondering if i could use 5b rear rims on the rear of my 5t I am using Darksoul V2 Axle Extender? TIA Wolf
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    Have some questions about the order i just received. could someone pm me please Thanks Wolf
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    Getting a new baja

    Getting a new Baja 5t in a few days. This is a list of what i am thinking of getting with it. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also please do not say i do not need something on the list, just suggestions on more. Futaba 3PMX - 2.4 GHz 28.5cc CAT 5 Race Ported Engine Axle...
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    Camp Fuel Bottle

    Wondering if anyone has ever used a camp fuel bottle to carry fuel around for bashing.
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    Rx & tx

    been looking at radios snice hpi change to a 2 ch i am looking at them and it is getting too confusing i want min three ch, four ch would be nice if not for the $400+ wanting something that will work with kb2 i just do not want to buy the wrong thing and have to try and sell and buy...
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    Bearing Packing

    FNG here My 5t. has not even hit the front door yet, but when it hits the dirt for the frist i want to make sure it's right. how long might it take for me to get to all the bearings. Thank to BOAB remined me it is something that needs to be done athsnk for that one.
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    Tuned pipe help

    I'm sure this has been asked before just looking for some options. I'm new to fuel so be kind lol i thinking of getting a 28.5cc GP290 ported and such just looking at all the different pipes and wish i could see graph on them or something but anywho anyone want to help with there 2+...