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    Finding places to hide wires is be becoming a task...
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    Modified rc billet front light mount for 5b

    I bought this part about 2 weeks ago and finally installed it. I went to put my pods in it but the fit is way too tight. I tried some killer rc pods and Rovan pods neither fit. Which ones are supposed to go in there? I hoping you don't say I gotta drill the holes out more.
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    Jump time

    Getting some air with the DBXL and the 5T
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    After Getting smoked yesterday...

    Weeman takes it offroad
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    Diff locker

    What are the plus and negatives of a diff locker?
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    Whats the best protection for this?

    I don't want to mess up my pipe, which bumper fits this rear mount victory?
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    2 5ts and a DBXL do some laps
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    Opinions please...based on real info

    Wondering about these 2 speeds. With my 29.5 rcmk which will be better? Why? Integy 16/58 21/53 vs Obr 18/55 22/52 not really intersted in hearing people talk crazy about integy if you never ran it yourself.
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    Ugh my 2 speed

    So I have been running an integy 2 speed for a year now. Honestly it's not as bad as everyone thinks but it's not great either. I won't replace it until I blow it to pieces. I should have went Obr from the get go but hind sit is 20/20. That and I couldn't find one back then. This is the second...
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    End of year run=beginning of year wrench time

    So I figured I would go out today and get my last run of 2013, was all good for about 10 minutes. I will now be entering the new year making repairs. Smh. Oh well... Happy New Year Everyone!
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    Need help with my shocks

    Is there any other type of shock oil I can use that I can maybe get from an auto parts store? Hobby stores don't open for another 2 hours and I want to get my b up and running. I need to fill front and rear.
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    long island NY

    Any body running tomorrow? where and what time?
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    I want the DGI turnbuckles for my Baja
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    What pipe does what?

    I have a rcmk 29.5 full mod motor on my 5b with a 2 speed. Currently running a v1 dominator. I want another pipe. Not sure if i want better acceleration or better top speed? Can you guys tell me what pipe is good for what so I can make a decision?
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    Let's unwrap the goods...

    Hey all Merry Christmas. So I know everyone has put all kinds of hop ups and upgrades on Santas list, let's see if the for sale section gets loaded up with everyone's old stuff. I'm thinking theres probobly gonna be an abundance of brand new 23 cc engines for sale.