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    Painting the Class 1 TSK Panels

    Lucky me! I got a set of panels to work on. So just thought I would share my experience. Here's what they look like bare bones Rob suggested this adhesion promoter / primer A couple quick coats with the adhesion promoter and then on to a filler primer. The grey filler primer was...
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    Sold / Found Futaba 4PK and case

    ALL SOLD! Up for sale is my 4PK and case. Comes with manual, stock battery, NO charger. $275 shipped. I can throw in a receiver for $50 if you need one.
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    Sold / Found HPI Savage Flux HP + TCS 5T conversion all NEW

    EVERYTHING SOLD Complete set up including two brand new Turnigy 5000mah 3S 40-50C batteries. I purchased everything new less than a year ago with the intent of doing the TCS 1/5 conversion. This project has sat on the shelf since and I think it's time to move on. I will sell the complete...
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    Military Build Paint - Woodster Wide Body

    Finally finished this Woodster body that will be donated to the Military build. Thanks Darrell for having the confidence in me to contribute in this way. I hope whoever receives this enjoys it. For those interested the red and blue sections are done with 7-8 coats of Auto Air candy colors...
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    NASCAR - Poison Style

    Just finished a HUGE project. In the process of stickering it up now. Everything you see to this point is painted on. I went through a LOT of paint. Just one of the M&M's on the hood has enough paint to cover a 1/8 scale buggy body. Hope you all like it - I'm having lexan...
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    My Woodster TRS finally done!

    I got this thing a little while ago and said I would beat on the stock body for a while- in the mean time the woodster sat waiting for paint. Well I finally decided on a scheme and got er done. Here she is. Thanks for a great product Darren! Everything but the grill and headlights...
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    Milestone woes Part Two - Meaty Bones

    How does that saying go? The worst day racing the Baja is better than the best day working. :confused: Even with all the setup issues I've had my two times out I can say that's true. Milestone is a great place to race and I had another fun day - even with my issues. The first time out I had...
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    Sime - You rock man!

    What a deal on a pipe. Shipped to the US from down under and everything got here faster than I expected. All in time for racing this weekend.
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    Car bodies? Response to Camaro SS

    I saw the Camaro SS thread and watch the video and thought that would be cool to try some day. Just out of curiosity - I wondered what body you guys would put on your bajas if you had the choice? I was thinking an old Ferrari GTO would be cool.
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    Time for a rebuild

    Well this is long overdue. I bought this baja from Hackmunch on this forum back in December last year. I've been meaning to get er all spiffyed up but have had a lot of stuff on my plate since then. It's time now! Here's the start of it. So far there is a bunch of carbon fiber going in...
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    RCCA Reader's Ride of the Month

    I couldn't find a thread on this so sorry if it's already been said. Just got my issue of RC Car Action in the mail yesterday and saw a very familiar looking Baja. Congrats Generalg40 :clap: way to represent!
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    Baja on a 1/8th scale track

    Finally posting up some shots of my Baja. This is one I bought a few months back from our buy/sell forum. The track is a bit small for the Baja - It's actually pretty challenging getting it around. Never really even get a chance to open it up though. Here's the video.