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    Battlefield 4

    anybody pl;aying it? i got to the edge of the airfield. can't get through there keep getting killed in tank battles.
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    galaxy s3

    sprint galaxy s3. is this any good?
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    kill zone

    any body playing it on there ps4? is it worth having?
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    ps4 and cod ghosts

    ok who has theese and is playing on line? dirby007
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    ps4 or x box 1?

    which one would you buy and why?
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    Battlefield 4.

    anybody playing it? is it any good? is it worth getting?
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    What did you hit with your Baja today?

    like the title says. What did you hit with your Baja today. well i hit my Foot at full speed . right on top of the instep. not sure if my foot is broken or not. hurts.
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    Did You?

    Did You run your Baja today? 01 01 13. Ran mine for a tank got over 40 minutes. let's hear from the rest of you that did run today.
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    Black opps 2

    is this worth haveing.
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    Went Green.

    Went Green Sorta.
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    air compressor?

    what is a good aircompressor? oiled or oil less? found a general 36 gallon at Harbor Freifgt. 150 psi oil less. 199.00 this sound go or not? or should i go Brand name like sears? thx D
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    race car.
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    Won One

    Junior won a race today.
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    I think I got my Baja tunned---need opinions.

    you realy need to test it under load. run it on the ground and check plug color.
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    front foams.

    Does your front foams look like this? theese are the stock HPI front foams from a SS kit.
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    tfe losi 5t stand.

    anybody know if the tfe losi 5t stand will fit the Axis or the Krd or DarkSole stands? thx d
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    it has a new Beginning

    i recieved theese parts today and my Losi5ive will be here tuesday. now the fun starts.
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    is it worth haveing?

    is the 5ive worth haveing? is it better than the 5B?
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    you gotta see this.

    I replaced my Hiller Bee Switch with a Super Bee switch and this is what i found. the wire was run under the Gas tank. Kinda worn.
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    5sc manual

    i need a link to the 5t or 5sc on line manual. i did a search but could not find one. thx D