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    Jumping RC

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    TR/OBR sealed clutch housing for Losi

    Is there one of these out yet? I want to use one on my g290 to deal the 3rd bearing properly. Any further input? Thanks.
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    Tires Tires Help Hostile MXT and Pro-Line Desperado Compatability

    Ok Folks I'm lost here. I am looking for a set of MXT's to mount up to my Losi. I really like the looks of the Desperado RIM over the Split six. Both the MXT fronts and rears are up on DOTD. Do I get the rear MXT's and mount them up to the front 5t/5b Desperados? Do I get the front MXT's...
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    I want the dgi turnbuckles for my baja
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    Will These Fit my Losi
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    Thinking of getting a Losi. Couple ?'s

    Ok firstly, I have a 5b that is tricked out to the max and quite frankly I find myself not driving because of how nice it is. I am wanting to get a Losi for general use and having fun and do not intend to trick it out to the max as I have with my 5b. I would like to keep the car on a budget...
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    FLM Advanced Polymer Extended Arm Kit E.F.R. Does anyone have any experience with this kit yet? I also wonder on the durability of the plastic arms. I really wished they sold the CVD's with the aluminum extended arm kit! Thank you for your input.
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    i want these parts
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    Integy Snow Tracks

    I tried searching for information on these and couldnt find any. Can anyone post some information on them or link me to a thread? Thanks!
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    Sold / Found Free 1/8 tires

    Could I please have what driffter didnt take?
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    Ultimate-RC Competition!!!

    I love the bumper
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    Who else thinks the world would be a better place if....

    everything really ran off of small two stroke motors as seen in the first half of this commercial?
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    Sold / Found BSW Two Speed FS

    Up for sale is a used BSW 2 speed. Was used for probably about 4-5 tanks. Still has original OWB and functions great. Shows a little bit of a wear circle where 1st speed carrier rubbed on 2nd speed gear, but not a big deal at all. Price lowered AGAIN to $220.00 shipped. Please don't hesitate...