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    Traxxas slash 4x4

    I'm thinking about getting a traxxas slash 4x4 for something fun to bash and run on a track. Does anyone on this forum own one and which model do you(s) have. I was thinking either the slash 4x4 or the platinum. I like the ultimate and all its upgrades but not to keen on having to use a iPod or...
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    Saving missions on GTA V

    Hey, I have a question concerning saving missions. If I go into a safe house to save a mission(s), do I save each mission on one save spot or create a new save spot for each mission it always says are you sure you want to overight in one save spot or are you sure you want to create new one when...
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    Led tv

    Ok, I've narrowed it down to a 32inch LED TV. There's still lots of choices. Willing to spend up to $380. What's better 60 for response rate or 120. Looking at 3 brands Toshiba, Samsung, or Panisonic. Toshiba is the one with the 120 response rate I believe while the others are 60. Does it...
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    Rush, F1 Movie

    Saw the movie today in the afternoon. It was ok but I wouldn't watch it again. I was expecting it to be better since Ron Howard directed it but was an average race movie. Glad I saw it anyway as I would wonder what it was like if I'd didn't see it but I wouldn't recommend spending the money to...
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    Grand theft auto V

    Has anyone got and played GTA V yet. Looks awesome so I got one but now I need a new tv, it finally broke down which sucks but was an older big box type tv so going to get a flat screen hd next. Do I need to get digital or hd cable from a cable company or can I play in hd if I hook up my ps3 to...
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    caster 927 container sizes

    Im going to order some caster 927 for zen g290rc engine break in. Anyone know the container sizes they come in. I just want maybe 1 litre which is enough for me at the moment. Im looking for non synthetic 2 stroke oil for engine break in. I read about caster 927 and it says synthetic. Can...
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    zen g290rc 990 carb settings

    The setting for the 990 carb on a zenoah g290rc is L needle 1 1/4 & H needle 1 1/8 is that correct. I was watching obr's engine break in and tune and dan suggests 1 1/8 L & 1 5/8 H so I figure that's to run their engines or should I use obr's 990 settings. Really liked obr's vid, great info to...
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    Win a SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit... round 2

    I Need The Ultimate
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    Inclined shread stack

    Hi, I've recently noticed that my inclined shread stack is not only angled up which good but its also angled to the left side of the roll cage. My guess is that helps for clearance for the throttle linkage and some room under the filter for gas lines. Anyway my question is in the event of a...
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    baja 5t USA HPI site

    Am I seeing things or has the 5t come back to the USA and Canada. I was checking out the hpiracing web site and its there with new body paint sceme. Wasn't sure if it was the Europe site.
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    Paypal, Canada

    Ok, I'm thinking of starting an account with PayPal so it makes it easier to order baja parts from ddm or other. What I would like to know is which PayPal to go with because I've seen PayPal Canada and other Paypal companies on the inter net. If there's any Canadians out there using Paypal can u...
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    Rc heli

    Thinking about getting a electric rc heli. What's a good one to start with. I've seen a few in the shopping malls at those small venders that you see as u walk through a mall so thought they would be fun to start with, not those tiny helix but ones that are at least a foot or so longer. Then I...
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    Vancouver, bc locations

    Hi, I just was wondering where people are running their 5b's/5t's/5sc's these days in the Vancouver, BC areas. I'm from North Van area and have heard of Scott rd and recently somewhere out in Coqiutlam. Never really go out to Scott rd myself so if anybody knows of any other areas like Coquitlam...
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    I need the ultimate