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  • Hey Zack..I would love to come down but just one problem...I work saturdays man. I only have sundays, wednesdays and thursdays off. When my truck is done, i'll have to make arrangements to come down on saturdays
    Hay Zack I see where some one my be bring a gril if we need to bring some thing to cook let me know.
    Thanks Mike.
    i got the go ahead from the wife to buy another bike, looking hard at a used ducati 1098, also saw one of these at BMW fort myers and it is sick. You get your motor back together? What was wrong with it?
    hahaha there alot of good deal on them around FT myers ive seen.. look on craig list.. im going to carbon fiber her all out i think... i dont like blue or silver.. or i might just black her all out..
    hows it going new to this site interested in truck if posible please call dont know yet how to recieve mail thanks
    Is it still for sale or is that guy going to buy it? I have a friend I'm trying to get him to get one, He will be coming with me saturday and if he's going to buy it we will take it saturday, Is it ready to run?
    what's up, redman24 told me to get hold of you. i'm a friend of rocks, and he's been on me to come run with you guys so if it's ok and my 5b is running i'd like to try to make it down on the 13? exactly what is your address so i can look it up on map quest?
    Let know what kind of price you will be asking,I might be interested. My 15yr old has been itching for one. The wife's ball team is already making plans to go to Orlando in Sept to play again in the womens world softball tournament again. I thought about going then coming up to see you guys. The problem is it is I beleive the same time as Bajafest and the boy and I want to go there. I will have to see.
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