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    Savage XL diff issue.

    My Savage XL had a couple of broken teeth on the pinion. So time for surgery. It had the 13/43 ratio and now I'm going for the 9/29's. Should have a ton more lower end punch. Can't wait to try it out.
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    My first Baja build

    Just picked up a used Baja 5B SS for $450. It had its issues but nothing major. It is still missing some brake pieces. Spent about 6 hours disassembling and cleaning. Now I will slowly upgrade bits and pieces. Any suggestions as to what inexpensive upgrades that I can do right off the bat? Any...
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    Question about the 5B SS

    So quick question. Did the Baja 5B SS ever come with the Fuelie 23? Or was it always the Fuelie 26? Thanks guys.