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  • yama dude talked to you at baja bash about doing my engine i think im a go let me know if you can take it after the next turtle bash and how much money i need to give you to make my 26cc a 30.5 or what ever you think and also to beef up the dogbones in the rear end let me know thanks mike
    Hi Yamadude! Planning to have an engine rebuild. Hoping you can do magic on it. PM me for pricing & delivery period. Thanks!
    yamafied engines ive read are rocket ships....i may well send you a local West Aussie engine to tweak.....love your work Brian:)
    Sounds good Mike, take your time, were getting ready to pack up the shop for a move so we mite been down for a couple weeks after the move setting up the new place..
    Hi Brian, It's Mike B. ....talked to you about a TS build a couple weeks ago, decided to fill a parts order and finnish my basher first. It's almost dun so I'll be purchasing the cylinder and other engine parts soon. Fingers crossed the cylinder I want will be available when I need it! Hope to meet you soon....
    Great linkage dude Wont run a baja without it Cant tell ya how many times the stock plastic carb clip let me down
    hey man. fist off great throttle/break system. i have one :)
    next; how are you doing, hopefull y2010 is a good year for ya.
    next; GIZMO1 was raving to me about your engine skills for the past 10pm's. i need an engine (actually 2 if the price is right)
    this is what i have; 2 all aluninum bajas that weight at around 53lb. i need an engine that is very durable for bashing ONLY. i do not race. my current problem is that the stock ss motors dont like the torque gearing. and on the stock system this baja moves pretty slowly :(.
    i would like a piston port motor that will handle a lot of torque. i do not need it to hit 50-60mph. but it should have enough torque to roll on the back wheels.
    roman 412-805-9662 i prefer to talk on the phone than shoot pm's back and forth.
    Hi first off seen many videos on your work and all I can say is wow. Have not seen anybody say anything bad bout your work. I wanted to see if you would have any time to build me a motor. Or if you have any engines that you wanna sell?
    hey brian is this what i need bb517+bc240 ESP Mod CY31 Chrome (+$20) WITH clutch WITH WT-668 carb and this dd269 Team FastEddy Ceramic RC/CY Engine Bearing Set
    Hey hi ya doin? dude somewhere I seen a video of how to put your linkage on, can you please tell me where it is so I can enjoy what all the rest of your customers seem to be enjoying? thank you
    The engines are something I do for fun, not my full time job but just something I like to do for guys here on the forum, PM me and we can talk and see what you have in mind.

    I am new to this forum and have been reading a lot about your motor building do you have a company or do you just build for friends
    Hey thanks for the birthday wishes guys, I been in Cali for the last 2 weeks so I haven't been checking the forum while I was gone.

    Bill nice to hear from you again,sounds like you been working you azz off for the man, nice to hear from you man, don't work to hard...
    hey brian... happy be-lated birthday... It's been awhile since i've been on line, too much work, pulling doubles for the last three weeks, as you probably heard no more Alltel, now Verizon. we've been working on merging the networks in a couple of weeks. At least now i'll have signal at S.L. and not have to find a high spot like test hill to call out... he he later dude!!! B.
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