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  • Hey darren it's Burton you still got some 5t body on stock I'm ready to buy just want to touch base with yOu befor hand let me know buddy I'm ready to buy a new one finally, my stock body is missing the whole helf end lol
    Giday mate i need 4 of your 5t shells asap,can you ship that many in one box,if so send me an allup price to Western Australia(not the wide body shells)and ill transfer funds direct into your bank A/C in the US...im just so over the proline bug body.
    hey man, im interested in looking into your bodies you sell for the 5t. were do i find them and pics of them? also price and how to order? please let me know, email me at [email protected] that way will be easier to contact me and hope to hear from you soon. thanks, dan
    my email is [email protected] how much do you sell the body and do you have the ford grill stickers.I never bought anything off the fourm so i,m not sure how to send the payment.i do have paypal thanks
    Thanks for the Shipping Price I am interested in a body please, what do I need to do next? Also I heard about a new body you are coming out with. When will that be ready and what does it look like, Please.

    hi woodster, just wanting to check on the progress of the "new" body (expected release date, and what body style it will be) I am needing a new body and just wanting to see if I should wait for the new body or just go ahead and purchase one of your current ones. Thanks -nickpro44
    did you send me other sticky thanks tim
    hi darren i buy two bodys and you send me one sticker thank tim
    Hi there, Well im going to ask the ? that everyone else is asking. What do i need to do to buy a few bodies from you. You were recommended by someone else on here. I custom paint so i will need to see what kind of deal I could get from you if i buy more than one.

    Hey woodster,

    i'm interested on purchasing a 5t body,please let me know the procedure.

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