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    happy customer!

    All I can say is dgi has great customer service!!!:lol:
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    front wheel play

    I have the 2 inch wheel extenders, and the front wheels. Have some play in them, is this normal?:no:
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    TR/Phatdad Fan Cover Brace

    Will TR pull start work with this?:mellow:
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    pipe sound!

    VRC Silenced Side Mounted Pipe, do you lose power with a silenced pipe?8)
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    gz powermaster pipe

    Any word on your pipe, being back in stock?:huh2:
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    Where can I get a Lunatik Rabid pipe?:huh2:
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    Win a SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit... round 2

    I need the ultimate
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    Zenoah top end

    Can you put a Zenoah 4 bolt top end and crank. On a cy crank case:mellow:
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    I have 26cc motor, with 4 tanks of fuel. Do I need replace seals, or bearings, To rebuild it a 29cc stroker?
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    What clutch spring do you guys run, 7500 or 8000:gun_bandana:
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    I see videos of people doing wheelies with there 5Ts. What do I have to do?:cursing:
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    byron, michigan:drool:
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    ddm motor

    what is the compression on this motor bb50x - CY29RC 3.5+ HP Engine w/ Stuffed Crank