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    5b flux???

    Looking into this? Anything I should know before buying...weak spots, mods, etc?
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    Masking a Woodster Body

    What is the easiest way? I'm a noob at this. I bought the body off someone unpainted. However there are no window stickers to help mask it.
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    Nib 5t??

    Where can I get one? It looks like A Main has a few left. Any other ideas?
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    Which Under Gaurd

    I thought I posted this before, but I cannot find it... What replacement under guard should I get and from where? I want one that protects from grass and elements too. Please help, as I want to put this on order today! Thanks, Vinny
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    New Body???

    I have a pretty stock 5B. I want to order a new body. What is recommended? More importantly, I want to order some kind of under body protector. What should I get? Thanks in advance,
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    Beefy Tires for 5B

    Looking for beefy tires for grass and loose dirt. What do you all recommend? Thanks,
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    Probs w/ Specky Rx

    Ok...before everyone tells me to get a Futaba, here are the probs.... When I plug in just the power supply to the Rx, the light is bright green. But the second I plug in either of the servos the green light turns almost off! Before this, the color of the light was ok, but just the throttle...
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    NJ Peeps on Facebook?

    Anyone here from NJ on Facebook? If so, hit me up. You can find me @ [email protected] Thanks
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    Spektrum System Gripes

    What is everyone's problem with these radios? I need to be enlightened. Thanks
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    Spektrum in 5B

    I just picked up my Baja.. I have been running R/C's for a while and just gave in and bought a Baja. all my other vehicles have a Spektrum setup. However, once I logged on to this site I have been hearing that Spektrum is not the way to go due to some problems. I already own the Tx and Rx...
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    Upgrade Parts

    Ok - I want to spend my 1st $100 today for items I need. I know there will be quite a few more "$100" to come through. So what are some essentials I need? What are the weak parts?
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    Monmouth County, NJ

    I'm in Monmouth County. Any spots I should know of? I live right on the beach, so that is definitely one of my playgrounds. Thanks,
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    Just Bought Baja 5B

    I picking up the below today. It is coming with all electrics that came with it new. Can anyone give me some pointers on what else I will need? Thanks,