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    Clutch advise

    Yeah, I would get the TR v2 clutch system. I installed it a few weeks back on my 5b and wish I had done so when I first got the rc car kit.
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    Air bubbles on both fuel line

    Sounds to me like the tune is off. Nearly every new carb or engine I've had has always needed to be retuned out of the box. They set the needles at the factory according to the conditions there (temperature, altitude, humidity etc). If you live at a different altitude and/or climate to the...
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    Proline Desert Rat body discontinued?

    Wow that's a steal, dude! I shall have a look myself. Thanks.
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    Proline Desert Rat body discontinued?

    Fellow Baja bashers, I'm interested in buying a replacement Proline Desert Rat 5b body. I quite like them because they seem a little more durable than the stock body. I cannot find them anywhere at any shop or on Proline's website. Anybody know if there has been any kind of break in supply or...
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    what tires should i buy?

    Proline Bow-ties are a good choice. They are well priced (at least they are here in the United Kingdom Of England-land), durable, give good all round grip on a variety of surfaces and I love em. Lots of people seem to swear by the Hostile MX's. I tried them out on the rear of my 5b and one of...
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    5b power loss with tuned pipe

    Thanks for the response. Problem is now fixed. It turned out to be a worn piston ring and damaged cylinder. It runs absolutely superb now, lots of consistent power. Thanks again.
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    Okay...time to admit old are you?

    I'm 28 but feel like a billion times that lol (which is more than 2x the age of the universe)
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    5b power loss with tuned pipe

    Hey guys, I fitted a JetPro v3 tuned pipe without muffler to my 5b. Once warmed up its insanely loud and fast when it "hits the pipe" so to speak. Then after about the second pass down the field it loses ALL of its mid to top end power. So much so that it feels like a smaller engine with stock...