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    New facebook group

    Hey guys come join my 1/5 scale oval racers group on fb.... nothin but go fast turn left guys. Share ur pics and tips and questions and any local track info u have. Link is in my sig below
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    WTB Need some parts for my sprint car build

    Heres a list of parts im lookin for. If u have somethin shoot me a pm Hpi hd alloy clutch carrier Dark soul gen3 dog bones ( would consider similar for right price) Aftermarket steering turn buckles Hostile foams (frontz and rears) Super bee killswitch Killer rc lipo reciever battery Shocks/...
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    WTB Sway bar links

    Would like a whole set but a pair is a start
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    WTB Sway bar links

    I am in need of the links that go between the sway bars and the a arms or atleast the balls for the links. Ddm is out of stock on the upper balls with the set screws
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    WTB Need a diff

    Found one thanks to skeeters. Wouldnt mind a spare tho if someone else has one
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    WTB Need a diff

    A complete diff would make things easier.... even if it needs rebuilt... just dont wanna pay 90 for a new one lol
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    WTB Need a diff

    Anybody got an alloy diff layin around theyd let go of? Bought a roller awhile back and it has the plastic diff
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    Sold / Found Stock high flow can exhaust

    Btw the 5b ss comes with the skinny can the t and sc come with the larger 'high flow' can
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    Sold / Found Stock high flow can exhaust

    Glenns pm sent
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    Crank options

    Ok guys lookin to build a 30.5 ts reed motor and would like opinions on wat crank to use. Zen, cy, rmck or other?
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    Ring for sale

    Have a ring i no longer need. Its tungsten carbide with silver carbon fiber in the middle size is 9.5 asking $75 this ring was $400 new. Very tough ring doesnt scratch or deform like gold or silver.
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    Shock bodies

    Are the gh shock bodies any gd or should i just get hpis?
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    Sold / Found Tr v2 starter

    Sold sold sold Selling my tr v2 starter. I have switched to killer rc drill starters and no longer need this. Has a brand new recoil spring and almost new cog spring. Selling with matching outerwears. Some minor dings on bottom on starter from use and outerwears is not perfect but still...
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    Grip for 4pl

    New custom grip i made for my 4pl out of paracord.