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  • hi tiny!!!!! i will be getting my baja 5b tomorrow anything i need to now before i run it ? i run nitro and electric now but im sure this is a whole new monster any info would be grateful
    ha man just wanted to drop you a line ,and that line is ,when i drop my b hicks body on my ride you will bouh to the man not me, b hicks .ah ah you just went down in flames burn burn burn youre bro punch that was brutal
    just wanted to say hi. I bashed with you a few months ago at the park in bryant. I bought a 5b on the forum, so I wont be left out on the big stuff next time. we should do it again soon.
    Hi Tiny,

    I need your advise on pipes for the buggy. I have owned two of the rear dominators and the brackets keep breaking. I have owned the jet pro 3v which I was not impressed with. I'm considering buying the GBE endbleed. I do like the performance of the rear dominator. How would the GBE endbleed perform compared to the rear dominator? The motor I am running is a ESP 30.5. Can you give me some imput on this.

    I'm trying :lol: just kidding another member pointed my post count out to me today as well I wasnt even keeping count I was suprised it got that high
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