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  • as much as id love to, not going to be able to swing it. with gas and the added expenses of anything we use to live day to day, im barely breaking even atm.
    hey you still alive out there,give me a call,218-349-3556,reno,wondering if you feel like putting a lr in the one you built for me,and if it needs more upgrades,im selling everything else off and talked to obr ,thinking about buying a short couse truck and putting the 2 cyl in it,they said would cost me around 4 to 5 grand if bought ev thing new with all up grades,but want to try,the long rod first see if that has enough power to satisfy me,reno 218-349-3556
    the BB CPI should be a very good fit.
    i love the low end power, yet its controllable, and the edge of too much. has a strong pull from the low thru the mids, and a decent topend, though not outstanding on top rpm, its still quite good i think.
    thank's for the response i'm new to this and just looking for something different. I currently run a DPR 29.5 that run's real strong but looking for a little more power he seem's to be the guy to do me a nice TS 29.5 i just hope i don't put it in my 5B and it make's the same power of my DPR in my 5SC. I'm hoping for more rpm and a little more on the bottom and it will be on a 2 speed.
    LOVE THEM~ Bri is a straight up gear head and will put you together a STRONG motor. have faith, you ll love the wide Useable powerband youll get.

    use a CPI BB and it ll be a monster. unless you want only top rpm, the BB is heard to beat imho.
    Just curious how you like your yamafied setup i'm doing a 29.5 TS with brian for my 5BSS. I just took out today my partner's i built it for him OBR 30.5 Long rod 5SC today with a two speed it was a beast. I've never dealt with brian but something tell's me i maybe should have bought the obr 29.5 oh well we will see.
    Rag. hows it going> im out of town right now, and using my roomies puter. i ll direct you to a sticky in the Motors/Exhaust section i wrote a few yrs ago called
    "My Carb and Me.........." i lay out how the carb works, and go thru a tuning process outlined by 2stroke motor tuner Doug Jones of Earth Surfer Products. Doug worte a realy nice and smiple to follow tuning guide. with the info i outlined, it should help pretty good.

    Also search Flooded Motor in the Motor/Exhaust Section of the forum. You l find probably 100s fo threads. just scroll thru and find the threads with alot of replies.

    Sorry i dont have more time to go hru this on the puter. but if your in the states. feel free to give me a call after 6pm this week. im out of my home state (michigan) working in West Virginia, so when im out of work im just chillin in the hotel room.
    989 205 3698.

    check that Carb thread, and if you need more help, give me a shout.
    I'm new and I can't get my baja 5T 30.5cc too stay running !! Can you help me? I need to know how to set carb!!!!!!!! Thanks 4 yer time! Ragman.
    yea for sure I'm a professional piercer so i travel back and forth sometimes for guest spots at a shop in saginaw to help out a good friend of mine
    being in Chicago. you may want to check into coming to one of the Turtle Racing Gatherings. Dave has them at his place periodically thru the season. he has a track built (pretty nice) and offers his hospitality for anyone interested in atending. its a free event, just bring your own refreshments.

    we also have the Annual Silver Lake bash. it was fathers day weekend, but this year, we moved it to the week before fathers day (june 14th? i think it is this year?). but anyways, the bash is Saturday on the dunes, but many of us get there around wed/thur, and head out sun to have a riot. something else to check. Im working on putting in a track here at my place. not sure when i ll be ready to go, could be as soon as early april, or as late as next year. heh.

    but ya, would be cool to get together if im in town. it sounds like you work out of town. as do i. i only travel Mi, but i see much the whole state. lol
    sounds good.
    check out the Turtle Racing section. also we have www.Michiganbaja.com . which i just purchased in Dec. its our own site, but really slow atm. i have to re do alot of things to get it to be more usefull, thus be able to get members posting. I have alot of plans and hope it can help grow with the states LS populas.

    anyways, sounds good. let me know when youll be around. if im not out of town, we should be able to hook up somewhere i would think. worst case, around my front/side yard until i get the track area done.
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