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  • I need to replace the O-rings in my shock caps, they started popping off the ball. Does anybody know where I can order some? Any special instructions on rebuilding shocks? Love these rezzies and I have a lot of time on them, time to rebuild but, I can't locate any parts
    The other Large Scale forum. I was talking to your bro Medic 860 on there. Is Diggeres where Dlee went last year and said the track was concrete and tore up his Baja? If we can get some bros to go from the Mushroom Bowl, mabey I can swing it with work at my shop to go this year. Shoot me your cell number.
    Whats up bro? The Ice Breaker is gonna be sometime next month. Hope you can make it. I had some shirts and beanie hats made for the 5th scale racers. Looking forward to racing with you again. My trucks been sitting since the Turkey Bowl. Got a new body installed and a new wrap put on for you to smash into. Peace man.
    was just wondering when you were going to have sum more v-2 rezzies at ddms. they have been out for quiet awhile. thanks donald.
    Where can I get rezzie spares from in the UK? It's the part that the tube is attached to that fits on the spring filled part.... Cheers
    hi there, i posted earlier looking for a threshold umbrella tool. i accidentally bought the seals without the tool and someone said to pm you and you might could help me out.
    hey jr
    you might remember me, we met at diggers dungeon last spring. i had the red bug that i just finished. i havent been on here in a while and wanted to ask if you were gonna do a rezzie kit for the innov. big bore shocks. if you remember, mine is a 38 lb sled.
    Sorry for bugging you JR just need to know if yo were going to send me the nipples to fix my rezzies I have three sets and have been robbing parts off 1 set to keep running now @giving parts to others off my back up set
    hey JR its john duthie just wondered if you had a chance to send off parts to me in canada yet. Iam the guy with 3 sets of youre rezzies just gave some nipples to a freind to get him back up and running off one my broken ones just checked out youre new version are we able to buy new cap system and use our old rezzie
    hey JR its Burton from yesterdays race, you have any shock crowns for sale? rather buy them from you befor i pick them up from DDM
    I am talking about the shock cap for the rezzi's. I thought you were sending with the rezzi that you sent me. And again thanks for the hookup
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