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    Just scored this!

    Now I need to find a Baja to put it in!
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    Part Number for this screw?

    Any one know the part number for this screw?
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    My Baja Project

    Well here is the start to my project. Some parts have been De Anoed. Next I have to swap the chassis and dye the Wheels. I dont like having long stories So here it is-
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    Conversion Parts?

    Does any one have the actual Conversion parts from the castle kit that they would be willing to sell?
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    Quietest baja Exhaust?

    So what is the quietest Exhauest out there I really don't care about Minor power loss.
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    upgraded hinge pins?

    What kinds of upgraded hung pins are there?
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    IRP " You Pick The Prize Contest "..FREE GIVEAWAY

    I would love to have tr329 - IRP Front Turnbuckles for HPI Baja 5b/5T - Black Thanks!
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    Revision 3 is coming to the Mamba XL

    I called castle today about replacing my Manna xl Rev 1 for rev 2 and they said that I should wait a few weeks and get rev 3. They should have them within a month.
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    Battery Connectors?

    What do you guys run for battery connectors?
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    New Gaskets for the SnappyRC Fuel Kit

    I love the sound!!
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    Free keychain giveaway

    Here is my rustler. I think Nascar Quality
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    USCC bumper giveaway

    1653 For me
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    First Baja video Comment Rate Subscribe.
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    Best axle cups?

    What are the best axle cups out now? I have the Hd Hpi shafts now but will go with DS ones later