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  • Hello brother:
    After hearing about this cage and ripping my new 5sc body to shreads i decided to buy this beautiful masterpiece Rollcage. One roll down the sand dunes in Warwick RI and the top half of the cage cracked. Don't know if weather had anything to do with it but it broke. My friend on this forum (dentman) told me to contact you and see if it was anything you could do. Dentman also has one on his 5t and has not had a problem yet, thats why i got one.
    Sorry if this not the way to handle this but i was told to contact you this way.

    Thank you in advance
    The rear mount for the TC cage broke last night on my 5SC what is the fix? Thanks for making the best upgrade for the baja (in my opinion)
    I Just wanna say thanks for making my conversion possible your cage is awesome
    I just got my cage its massive and so solid top job guys ...
    just waiting on my conversion parts to arrive and my custom bits from Diddle(Rene)

    Hey.. Thanks for the note. I'm sure as I have it I will get the desire to push it more and then a little more after that... leading to some upgrades... I just had this vision of it needing lots of maintenance and work just to have fun with it. Then I remembered that was how nitro cars are... not the baja! Take care.
    Hello. I'm just looking for a little input from an experienced baja owner. My 5T arrives today but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be spending more time wrenching on this than driving it... almost starting to second guess my purchase. I don't plan on bashing it hard... what have you experienced with these? When something goes wrong and requires work are the manuals good at providing direction? Thanks team Chase and I appreciate your time!
    Great to hear about the cage Team Chase nice work :clap:... How bendable is it?? I know when I tested out RC4WDs cage I used my car.... The cage bent a bit but it was still OK, I don't use it anymore because of the weight :*(
    Hello form members thanks for checking out my page and if you want any polishing done on your 5B or 5t just hit me up.
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