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  • hi i would like 2 get the blur servo mount. i can pay tomorrow im out of town right now but can pay when i get home if thats cool with u.
    re your truck is the engine a stock 26cc 2 bolt or a Zenoah 4 bolt,bajamaniac69 has one for sale fully loaded with an ESP30.5 full mod engine for $1300,just thought id put in the loop price wise go take alook,im in the market for a 5T
    hey man, I want the brushless system your selling. I have 100$ with your name on it, I have pm you a couple times and am writing here because I don't know if they went threw,
    my email is [email protected], please email me and give me your paypal and how it will be shipped. I got a slash yesterday and haven't ran it, but I WANT TO GO BRUSHLESS. Please email me and let me know your paypal so I can go ahead and pay, I don't want it to pass me by. Deckedout is a good friend of mine, he will vouch for me, all my feedback is 100%
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