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  • hello mate,

    I saw in your post that your from sittingbourne. I'm whitstable, give me a shout if you wanna organize a bash sometime. Had a bash with spoustin from here the other night and i'm sure he'd be up for it to!
    HEY UP, bud,
    did you get my address mate???????
    have you managed to fix your ride?
    got a week off work soon guess what i'm going fishing going to a place in chesterfield
    5 lakes carp to 35LB in the big lake will be doing 2-3 nights looking forward to it...
    Morning,:gunsmilie: have not got pay pal set up mate but will except postal order from post office, or bankers check what ever mate, i am crap at this aswell never done it before bud, as for postage we will go half's, when your ready will email you my home address. also this weekend will post some pics of pipe & strut you can have a look and let me know what you think,, hope thats OK mate, have fun bashing at the weekend....:sleep:
    Good morning bud, i've just finished doing a nightshift i'm knackered, LOL.
    my email address: michael.#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*[email protected]
    those parts ain't going anywhere bud, the pipe new is around the £130.00 and GBE strut is £28.00, will take £80.00 if OK..for the pair, reason for selling strut the ss rear shock tower is different to the 5b I did'nt realise, as not even been on my ss only ordered it last week. I fish chesterfield, groby, orby, newark, allover really, biggest 31lb mirror, best shesh (weekend) was 290lb smallest 12lb biggest 26lb... looks like you've had some beasts bud..anyway i'm off for some kip, LOL....:sleep:
    Tack, if your looking for the pipe that comes standard with the 5b ss, I have one, if you want it make me an offer, only on my ride for 2 weeks its in good condition, its comes with manifold & clamp fitting, only thing you will need is a gasket and the bracket for the backend both you can get at MMR largescale, also have a rear GBE strut (silver) if you want them let me know bud....... as for the fishing went for 8hrs saturday couple of runs but no carp landed, still enjoyed it..
    hi mate, what type of pipe are you thinking of getting for her?? i've the rear dom a bit heavy you have to mess about with your rear suspension a lot, i'm still tinkering with mine, if i was you have a look at the side dom, i've not heard of any simular problems with side pipe,,, as for servo's yes mate metal gear for sure, your engine could you not just up grade the block? theres a couple on the market, might save you some cash, and you know its new gear, you don't know whats happened to a secondhand one....
    your lakes sound good, Tack.....will have to visit them if your lake's not syndicate or club waters....i'm going fishing this weekend. ANYWAY BAJA'S you have the 5b hey, I have the 5bss added afew hop ups & upgrades myself (list to long) have you had yours long??? and why no pics??? show her off, they cost enough........
    NOW WE ARE TALKINK, Hey up Tack..
    into baja's and big carp.........nice fish bud,
    well thats why craftycarper is my name, fishing & baja's theres nothing better,
    do you have a baja? which one? i'm from derby, my name is mick......
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