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  • I was reading up on stuff and looks like you bought the Losi DBXL? I seen those the other day online, they are pretty sweet! If I do ever get any money saved up I might just get one of those rather then a baja. I love the look of the buggy, only thing is there arent really any upgrades out yet but i guess its rather new to the market
    The updated SC RTR's look nice as well but id prefer the kit. So hopefully by summer ill have another baja to run this summer, depending on funds. Ive actually got corrections testing coming up this Friday so hopefully everything goes good and I get an interview. Anyways hows things with you?
    Hey man, haven't been on here for a long time! I did end up selling it on kijiji, i needed the cash at the time but definitely regret it everyday haha. I have been going through RC withdraw for some time now so I ended up getting a Tamiya trf801xt kit at boxing day for super cheap, initially I was going to just go nirto but I found some nice e conversion kits online and got one of those. Just waiting for it to arrive in the mail then ill decide on motor and esc. I'm going to get the same Futaba 3PMX as I had before, Spectrum seems to have lots of issues with signal loss. And now of course since I have one RC I want another, definitely want to get another baja. Id like to get a sc ss kit, building my other one was lots of fun plus now I know how everything goes together and functions. Only thing is they don't seem like they are very popular or maybe they just didn't make as many. I know DDM doesn't have them in stock.
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