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  • hey im running the stock carb thats on the 23cc, but it could be because i blocked the hole thats on the gas cap making the gas tank like a vacuum instead of it breathing freely. ive heard rumors that if u block that hole and the tank cant release its pressure you will run into problems when the machine is running. so im going to get some new fuel lines and make an extra hole in the gromitt put a small line in the extra hole i made and see if it changes anything in the way it preforms. if you have any answers to what i just told you fire me a message in my box and ill keep in touch thanks man.
    Can u pm with your # I would like to talk to you about your items. Thanks ray

    Can u pm me with your phone number I want to talk to you about the items you have for sale
    hey sup man my baja 5b was running fine when i broke it in and all so i went through about 10 litres of fuel running it hard and having a blast. just recently i ran it and it started to idle at high rpms so i adjusted the low speed needle and nothing happened, i went to the manual and went back to factory setting with both needles,and it woudnt start so i let it sit all night and tryed it again the next day and it fired normally and was idling fine until it started to warm up for a couple minutes,then thats when it started to idle at high rpms so me and my dad took the carburator apart and saw one of the gaskets was wet with fuel so odviously it was leaking. we cleaned everything and put it back together tightened everything nice and snug and i tried it again and the same thing happened have any suggestions i would appreciate it?
    First of all merry xmas and a happy new year to you and your family...The answer is the rezzies are awesome bud and yes if i had 2 baja's i would put a set of two just on the rear's, you can certainly tell the differance
    Hey up Hustler, i've been having a nosy at your album, thats a nice 5B rig you've got.. like the rear with that pipe!! read the post at the bottom, have you thought of putting a bigbore kit on your motor??? i've the 30.5cc race ported on mine and man it flies....
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