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  • Where in the World is Ron? "limited internet...." in a cave? under the ocean? maybe at a tropical beach sipping fruity drinks?
    Hope you find a hot spot soon.
    Hello SlammerRC. Thanks for the friend request. It's always good to have RC buddies. thanks,

    Best bang for the buck is to go with a Hostile Gear Combo.
    They are on sale right now for 19.99 regular cost is 26.99, probably the last day though (it's a weekly special) so go get a set ASAP!

    For top speed I would recommend the Hostile Gear Combo (19 Pinion / 55 Spur)

    I recommend the total gear count be 74 to keep two teeth meshed at all times. 19+55=74

    If your running a stock motor you may have a slight bog on takeoff.
    I really am not 100% on this as I do not have a set on a stock motor :huh2:
    hey whats up? got a question....what spur gear setup do you recomend? im looking for top speed. but i dont want to break the bank.do you have any ideas?
    Cheers for the add buddy, good to see friendly people in the world.
    Gday mate thanks for inviting me as a friend ,I live in Australia and have just bought a 5B V2 great fun .Cheers
    cool thats one high up position i cant wait to climb the ladder the roughnecks and roustabouts get treated like shit on my rig, I do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, My rig is is the gsf britannia which is the oldest rig in the north sea its over 50 years old and still totally manual, Using tongs etc etc to make and break connenctions same as you guys on the land rigs. I would love to work in texas on a land rig it looks great and you guys get to go home everyday.

    cheers danny
    cheers buddy, yes i work in the north sea offshore as a roughneck i go back tomorrow for 2 weeks, gutted as im picking up my 5t today lol
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