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    HBF is back online!

    Congratulations and well done! Many forums have gone now so good to see the revival of the HPI Baja Forum.
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    Bank Holiday Bashfest (4 & 5) *OFFICIAL THREAD*

    Just in case any of you are not aware of the BHBF Facebook page ( we announced (a fortnight ago) 2 dates for the 2014 Bank Holiday Bashfests. We have been busy finalizing some other details in the meantime, and are now ready to announce...
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    Silverback RC 5imian wheels for the Losi 5ive-T

    Available to purchase from our website directly on the 18 January 2013, and from your favourite RC shop shortly afterwards.... Silverback RC are proud to finally announce the release of our wheel called the 5imian (pronounced Sim - ee - yan) specially for the Losi 5ive-T. Taking inspiration...
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    Facebookers.... help my wife please

    If any guys here are on facebook, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could click on the image below & like and comment on it too please. My wife is in some random competition and she needs your help to get her in 1st place. Thank you in advance. :)...
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    Sold / Found Contest Ideas

    A best idea for a contest, contest. :)
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    Silverback RC v2 lipped outer beadlock rings.

    Kind of a product update, but I still feel that this worthy of a mention. Silverback RC have been setting the standard in beadlock technology for the HPI Baja since 2008. Ideally I would have liked to have made this announcement at a time when I had physical stock in my hand and the parts...
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    Silverback R/C lipped inner beadlocks for the Losi 5ive-T

    Made from Silverback RC's 'patent pending' blend of hi strength polymers & added impact modifiers. Testing has now started on the prototype lipped inner beadlocks for the Losi 5ive-T. These are designed for use with the Losi style wheels & tyres.
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    Monkey Nutz (coming soon)

    These should be available towards the end of January. I would like to think that the testers were pleasantly surprised by their performance compared with other similar products on the market. Fully enclosed wheel nuts (aka Monkey Nutz) made from a unique blend of engineering grade polymers...
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    Seasons Greenthings. (Green Beadlocks)

    Silverback RC has produced a limited production run of 'Ken Block' Green lipped outer beadlocks. These will be available to purchase exclusively from the website from 23/12/2011.
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    Hello Yellow

    As there have been numerous requests for Yellow coloured beadlocks, Silverback RC has decided to produce a limited edition run of 250 sets which are now available to purchase. These are strictly a one off production run in this colour & will only be available through our website. Some images...
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    Military only contest

    I'm sure there would be several UK members interested in this also if Rob chooses to extend the offer to other countries.
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    Congrats on the milestone Rob. 20,000 is some achievement for such a niche product & market. I want one. :)
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    Sold / Found Jetpro V4 track pipe

    Price lowered. :)