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  • i see youre still peeking in... wouldnt want to buy a used baja wouldja? p.s the onions stuck in your beard are starting to smell.
    got the kill switch set up for my futaba.... gotta get that brake pin thingy, find a suitable radio box as im switching to lipo, and you need toilet paper...
    Hello, I like the silver lake pictures very nice. I am originaly from Troy MI and will be moving back to Detroit area in July. One of my friends lives in Hart MI so I think I will be at silver lake alot next summer. I bought a Baja and have yet to see it since I am currently underway on a USCG Cutter, I can't wait to get back to home port and start building it.
    hi cheers mate, cant wait myself, just sorting the decals for the sandscorcher but cant decide whether to take a mould of the shell with the bugeye front conversion or just paint it
    cory its bajanibbs brother i want to thank you for getting that rear bulkhead for me i cant run my baja without it. its a long story on how i broke it but again thanks and ill see if i can make it next year to the sand dunes
    nice looking baja . where was that , the pic with all the bajas together, i want to do some of that kind of stuff.
    i ran into a whole costco sized bunch of problems and had to lay low for a while. its all good now though, im off work tue and wed, and just have a lunch thing tue so i'm game!
    yeah i toasted my flywheel and crank bearings and have NO CASH to fix it. plus my hpi pipe got dinged to kingdom come. bashing is a must but i donno when, i'll keep you posted
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