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  • Hi mate. It shouldnt work when your car is turned off. It should only allow the engine to spark when both the tx and the rx are on.
    You just got to be care full thats all . If you have a battery charger you can do it. Try and get some good battery acid from a car battery, that will be your solution you anodize in, next you need a rubbermaid or plastic container, get a chunk or piece of aluminum plate that is where you put your neg wire on from your charger. Get a metal rod that will span across the top of your container, this is where you hang your parts from. You willin need some aluminum wire to hang your parts from. connect your positive wire to the metal rod and then hook your wire to the rod then make a hook on the wire for the part your going to anodize. you only want to leave the part for around 5 min or so. that opens the pours of the alum. then rinse in cold water then put part in rit dye with cool water mixed, the longer you leave it in the dye the darker it will be. then a quick rinse then you put the part in boiling hot water. this will seal the dye in. do a google search and they have some pics and you will see its very easy. If you have a resporiator wear it! Dont breathe the fumes! and wear gloves. Start real small and practice on smaller alum. things till you get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any questions.
    hello , try to have this parts is spare ,, RPM FRONT A ARMS , ( i broken now 18 std hpi sets ) , DUST COVERS FOR FILTER AND PULL START . ALU SPARK PLUG COVER . SECOND SPARE PULL STARTER .. ONE COUPLE OFF REAR WHEELS . WHEEL BEARINGS . with this you can go riding , the most broken part are the front a arms
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