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    Problem with my Baja 5SC starting :P

    Hey guys, I'v just recently gone to India for vacation and I'm not having the possibility using the same 98 octane gasoline but they are un-leaded, but the problem is that as soon as I start the car the engine only stays on for only something like half a minute or goes off when I apply the...
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    Exhaust pipe-Dominator v-2

    :scooter:Hey guys, I have a Baja 5SC and I'm at a process of updating it, I was thinking what use would it make by adding a new exhaust(dominatot V-2), but then what is the use? and if you have any good ideas for upgrading my Baja 5SC cause I'm getting ready for a R/C race, so please ANYTHING...
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    upgrades for baja 5s

    Hey guys I'v got this Baja 5SC and I'v become really good at driving it and I'm preparing my self for races. most importantly i haven't done any changes to it, it just a standard piece, so I'd like to know all the upgrades I could get for my Baja 5SC to race. Everything....:scooter: