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  • Hello. My name is Jeff. I posted in the Wanting To Buy section and Monsterman refered me to you. He said you might be able to help me. I am looking for a Late Model body. There is a new track I will be going to this summer and they race oval late models. I would like to join in with the other guys so they have another sucker to beat up on. lol They do require the Late Model body to run so I am looking to pick up a "used" one first to see if I am going to enjoy getting dominated. lol The condition of the body really doesn't matter. Getting out there and getting beat up on is what's important.
    Hey Ron, how you been keeping? haven't talked to you for a long time. I wasn't sure what was going on with our track up here so I haven't been doing much with the baja stuff. They were thinking of changing the oval to an offroad to try and get more guys to come out but they thought about it for quite a while and decided we had to muchfun running oval with handful of us there was to change it. Soon I'm going to work on trying to lighten up the bumpers a bit anyway and I haven't forgotten about you and will get a set to you and I'm trying to figure out how many of your hood sections I'm going to need and get some money from the guys so we can get some fresh bodies going this season. Talk to you soon and hopefully we'll get to run together again sometime this season.
    Thanks for the info. I found a pic of a clear body on the 5b and it looks like very little needs to be removed. The side braces on the 5t might actually help as nerf bar type pieces for side support.

    I'm hoping to have the 5t back up and running by next weekend and go try some laps on the off road and oval at the local track to see if I can spark some interest in a 5x class.

    Thanks again!
    How much modding would be needed to fit the baja 5b late model body on a 5t?
    Thanks for the heads up Ronco, I had no idea about that. They closed our local magazine shop last year and now I have to make a road trip to check out mags. I guess I'm going to have to hunt that thing down though. Thanks again, very cool of you.
    Sorry I have been working on my full size late model but yes I picked one up and I have to say it is the cleanest most well thought out bodies I have ever seen. my goal is when my full size is done I will do the 1/5 th scale to match I will call it mini me
    Nice work on the EDM body! I will have to have my husband chec it out.
    Hi there I just talked to TGN about picking up one of your late model bodies they put me on the list with a body like this I will have no problem saying go by to my wings I cant wait to get this and set it up. If you have any tips I'm all ears thanks Tim
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