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  • you know i just realized that a guy from my home town plays/played with the black hawks his name is Jordan Hendry.. they just had the cup back in the ole hometown on friday i think it was
    Sup Dave
    I suck at that game I get killed more then I get to play! I get pissed and stop playing! LOL I am better at Dirt 2 :D
    Thanks for the offer Dave. I think I should be fine, just need to get some free time to go work on the Baja and get ready for Silver Lake.
    yo I can get two others to join I have bashed with dancomer and his buddy we just bashed yesterday and sat we are going to meet up again we should get a crew of people going this sat. Hit me back !!
    Hey man, just got the message. I was hoping possibly to get out tomorrow but i may have a few thing going on..
    i will see and let you know asap.
    I still need to install my kill switch and VRC pipe. I will try to do that tonight if there is time, depends on what time I get outta here!!
    Hey man. Likewise!
    There are a few spots locally, mt prospect, DES plaines, but nothing to really brag about. I live in palatine and work at Grossinger chevy. There is a spot down the street from my work that is building new homes. It looks like they may have stopped for whatever reason, but the area seems like it was asking me to bring the 5t there. I figured to check it out on a Sunday to make sure it was safe, like no posted signs or anything like that. I was going to try to go this weekend, I need to do the diff fluid thing and install some new goodies that I ordered! Eric, where you located, do you have any spots that are local ? Oh sorry man, my name is brian
    hy man hows it going ?? names eric .. nice to meet you .. didnt really know someone lived so close that had a baja.. we'll have to get guys out and bash them up.. do you have a place you go to to run them ??
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