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    New Tripp T Body paint !!!

    Very nice!
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    Looking for Pictures

    Hey folks, SUH Racing is looking for your pictures of your remote control with our grips on them. If you know anyone or have one of our SUH Racing grips please post them here. We are collecting them for our website and facebook site. Thank you, Greg @ SUH Racing
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    Happy New Year 2013

    SUH Racing wishes everyone on the HPIBajaForum a Happy New Year - 2013!
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    SUH Racing Front Adapters

    All, We finially got in a large batch of front adapters for the BRP tires. A shipment is going out this week to DDM! Thanks for all who waited until we found another CNC shop! Best regards, Greg Glassman SUH Racing
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    Sold / Found Brand new Threshold VCC Shock Rezzi Set

    ******** SOLD ********* All, Up for sale is a brand new never used set of Threshold VCC Shock Rezzi's. Selling price is $180.00, plus shipping. Shipping only to US at this time.
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    Get your hands on my Dog Balls CONTEST!!!!

    I've played with DPR's Dog Balls!
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    Live video streaming from you Iphone to the internet

    Hey Baja Nation!! Well I was surfing around last night stumbled upon this sight called which I've been before, but I saw they now have an iPhone app for $4.99 to stream directly to there servers. So I gave it a shot! It works pretty well, for being on ATT. Here is my commute home...
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    Find Shock Oil

    Can anyone point me in the direction to find 50wt and 60wt oil for the Baja shocks. Links please. Thank You.
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    SUH Racing 125 Oval

    Hey everyone! Just a reminder that OCS and SUH Racing is going to be racing on Sunday, October 10th. I know I have spoken to several folks that said there were coming so make sure you mark your calendar and get your Baja ready for some on-road oval racing!! If you have any questions or need...
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    Getting Ready for Hostile

    Ok guys, let's see the pics. Here is SUH Racing's body done up by Marc Breer (with a c) . Thanks Bud!
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    Hostile 250 Tomorrow!

    Hey everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Hostile sponsored Baja 250 on-road oval race. Hope to see you guys there!! Greg
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    Old Cedar Speedway Baja 5B On-Road Practice
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    Summer / Fall Racing Schedule

    Hey guys, Here is the racing schedule as of today. Let's hope for no rain on race days!! 2010 Season Schedule (subject to change) June 13th Opening Day 1st points race! June 20th Regular racing. (no Baja's) June 27th baja 100 lap feature 2nd points race. July 4th No Racing July 11th 3rd...
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    Bajamod 100 race

    I want to thank the folks at OCS for an action packed Sunday racing the baja's! There was some really fast racing and the 100 lap race was simply exciting! I look forward to racing again in 2 weeks! Keep up the great work and I'll let Dale win next time. Post info...
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    Ovalfest 2010??

    So everyone.... How was the ovalfest? Sorry I couldn't go. I blew the transmission in my Blazer last Wednesday and still don't have it back. Pics, vids.... Stories!!! Anyone!!!!????? Thanks, Greg