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  • Hey Greg, I saw somepics of you on the http://106racepark.com/index.php website.
    How well does the Baja hold up with those 1/4 scale cars?
    I'm hoping to have a Baja by next season.
    Thats a real nice baja you have and a nice set of AT tires too.
    Hope to meet you and your Baja someday.
    Regardes, Matt
    Greg, I have been looking for an ungrade in tires and wheels for my Baja. I came across some stuff from SUH racing:

    SUH Racing Baja 5B/SS Front Adapters for BRP Tires - $32.00
    SUH Racing Baja 5B/SS Rear Adapters for BRP Tires - $30.00
    BRP - Dirt Pin-Spiked Tire- 2" Width 0" OffSet - $43.50
    BRP - Dirt Pin-Spiked Tire- 3" Width 0" Off-Set - $45.00

    A rather pricy upgrade to say the least. Do I have to upgrade the steering servos to compensate for the larger tires? What is your overall opinion of the upgrade?

    I run the car, but I do not do a lot of bashing. Parts are rather expansive to repair or upgrade. I have a dirt track in my area as well as a few open large parking lots (businesses went under). This is to give you an idea of the kind of driving and locations I am running.
    Thanks, Dwayne
    Met too! Can't wait, working late every night on these dam things <smile> Painting some Yellow Rim Shields tonight. Tomorrow working on the shocks and then have to break in a new engine....
    Hi from Candia NH. Bakesx2 is from Derry.
    Can you recommend any good driving spots?
    We were thinking about the pits near the Manchester airport.
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