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  • ive heard that before about the zen i already have the engines jst didnt know which one was better i figured the zen being a 4 bolt and all but are they responsive to hop-ups like the cy and in "stock" form which one revs faster and is overall quicker remember im a dirt oval guy and all my buggies are race only no bashes
    as much as i hate to say it the zen will most likely outlast the cy, due to the plating and poor bearing quality. if u do get the zen my suggestion to u is to remove the outer bearing on the clutch side and replace it with a seal for a g260 rc.
    where can i get 1 at a decent price ddm wants 240 250 for them my wife would kill me at that price since thats what my quads pipe costs too
    Its a hoax. I am never giving up my EB!!! Yes I do run the V3 as well only for top end. The EB is a much better pipe for mid range and low end.
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