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  • hey rog, can you tell me if you are goin to hold the next gas bash in sept,, if yes have you any idea about bthe date... i have at least 4 of us wanting to go, by the way was a cracking weekend at thrash attack(tilly loved it) oh and can you tell me where abouts the rc demon track is and what you charge for day there... many thanks steve
    but you have MMR all over the pages but not mine in there? If you want to talk we can let me know the offer is still there as before. I am at HPI (at there invitation) tuesday (going to play with the 5T!)
    I am sure we can support you we after all are now the largest stockist and longest running HPI baja stockist of aftermarket and genuine HPI parts.

    Hi Roger, Yes I have gone solo, bajabashing was never updated and I became very frustrated. I had no access to the site, now this ones mine, I can't wait to get it finished. It will be updated at least twice a week to keep the viewers coming back for more. No sponsorship deal done yet.
    super quick delivery on my TR braces,many thanks my baja should be loads stronger and as a bonus looks better too.thanks KM
    Rog.....miniJOD's engine and pipe arrived today so I need to send your stock back.

    When you next at your Uncles, I could drop them off if you are there soon. If not what address?

    Think I will need to order those Zen pin bearings, I have the washers, don't fancy doing that filing on the piston cos I'm not very good at that sort of thing. Me n drills etc don't go together and probably will balls it up.
    Hi Wolfie yeah got them they are aewsome biddy thank you very much was a fun weekend and the next one looks like 19th - 21st Sept!

    Thanks again
    Hi Charles thank you for your voice message sorry I couldnt reply sooner if you need me please ring me back. I will certainly change them to silver for you and there will be no extra cost as you are having to wait for them as GH stock hasnt cleared customs yet.

    Thank you again and hope to speak to you soon.

    Hi Roger
    I recently paid for some wishbones from you site asking for black wishbones.
    Any chance of you been able to change them from black to chrome, silver?
    I know they are extra cost , I will pay that on request.
    Manu thanks
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