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  • also i plugged the breathing hole in the gas cap so i wouldnt get fuel all over my baja and i just recently heard a rumor that if u plug that hole the tank acts like a vacuum holding all its pressure inside itself. so im beggining to think that might be my problem after all any suggestions on what i just told you i would greatly appreciate it if u sent me a message back thanks alot man.
    hey man i have a 5b stock engine with no mods done to it. i broke the engine in and ran it hard and was having a blast with about 10 litres of fuel. then i went to take it for a spin one day and i let it warm up for a few minutes and started running it up and down my street after a few passes i noticed the rpms increasing and i knew it wasnt normal so i brought it in and tried adjusting the lowspeed needle and nothing happened well i ended up flooding it trying to get it started again so i took the plug out and let it sit all night. tried again the next day and the same thing happened after it warmed up it started to idle at high rpms so me and my dad took the carb off thinking it was a vacuum leak in one of the gaskets cleaned it all up and put it back together thinking we solved the problem but we didnt do #*#*#*#* all the same thing just happened again im kind of stumped right now about it.
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