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    Futaba 3PMX-2.4G

    Selling a factory refurbished Futaba 3PMX 2.4G radio with receiver. Almost brand new condition. Purchased from DDM as a refurb but I never used it. Includes original manual and service printout from Futaba to DDM. Great chance to buy a nice radio and a nice discount. Box is in poor shape and...
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    New HPI SFL-11MG steering servo

    Just found an extra brand new HPI SFL-11MG steering servo , never used!! Will include servo horn, no screws supplied. DDM price $99.99 My price SOLD shipped CONUS via Paypal
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    Harley Davidson knives

    Two Harley Davidson knives for sale. First one is a locking blade, nothing fancy. The second is a non- locking blade. Chrome finish is tarnished. Priced accordingly. $15- for both shipped CONUS via paypal
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    Set of stock hinge pins

    Selling a set of 8 factory HPI hinge pins. Throw them in your pit box for spares or use them as chopsticks. $15- shipped CONUS via paypal Price firm cause it's cheap!
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    Sold / Found Custom Baja wheel wrench

    Super heavy duty wheel wrench This thing is solid!!! SOLD shipped CONUS Paypal
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    Clogging up forum with another worthless poll

    Your vote counts!!! (However we don't care) For entertainment value only...weirdo's get in here
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    Sold / Found Turtle Racing 1pc. Brake Mount

    New in package Turtle Racing 1pc. Brake Mount SOLD Perfect Christmas present for your wife or GF.
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    Harbor Freight findings

    What junk do you buy from Harbor Freight that you use while your building/modding/repairing your Baja? I'm running there to grab a vise to do my Threshold seals.
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    Entertain me with your vote

    What is the most over used paint color in your opinion? This is lame but I don't see anyone else starting a poll. Entertain me :detective:
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    Found an RC crawler, LIPO guys get in here

    So I haven't done electric RC since my Kyosho 4x4 back in the stone age. I'm speaking with a guy on a 1:1 forum who is selling a custom built crawler which I love but he tells me its set up for LIPO. I have a crappy NiMAH charger that I have for my Baja but it doesn't do LIPO's. No worries, I'll...
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    DGI Steering links

    First off, thank you to DGI Racing!!! I was the winner of last weeks contest for a chance to win a set of DGI's steering links. I was shocked when Telly sent me a PM saying I was the winner. I received my prize just a few short days later. Very timely for me since my winter project is building...
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    Turtle Quick diff or go cheap?

    Money is getting tight at this time of year but I need to commit to using the stock diff housing or purchase the Turtle Quick Diff. I would hate to use the stock one and then have to tear it down to install the quick diff in the future. Should I do it now or later?:*(
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    I want the DGI turnbuckles for my baja