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  • hello , i prefer to send this way ,,,
    we ( factory ) also stop the super motard team , from the first day we say we are stopping this side off racing , we have seld more bikes than we had our factory team , people can be strange , jalousie can make people strange ,,,
    im almost sure you go have more friends , and sell more than if you have one team ,

    but still we support ( more ) young riders now , but around the importers from the countrys , for me , i have more fun this way and less people around me ,,
    we have still ore own MX and enduro team , because this are different race disiplines ,,,

    have fun in what you do , live is way to short , do nothing you dont like, im now 52 and this is my thinking now ,,,
    whats the deal with the raffle tickets in the phatdad parts like the shredstacks, fan cover braces and anti-dive plates ive got like 6 of them and no idea what theyre for
    been bashing with d4nnyc for a while test your bones and really impressed with the we give them so right hammer and no problems these look like the future to me
    what the cost of a set of these
    Hey Mark, those are next on the list, honestly, what I now call the 4.8mm shock kits wil be an all new design. I'm no longer going to market them as rtr kits,
    Hi there im after a set of your replacement shock kits for the rear rtr shocks ive contacted DDM and they have said you are making more can you tell me when they will be ready as DDM didnt know.
    Thanks Mark
    Hi tom im off to the beach tomorrow to shoot a short video of me hammering your bones look out for it dude

    thanks very much

    and keep up the good work dude

    your products rule
    Tom: Friday is my son bday wondering if I could swing buy and buy a T shirt thanks. Don Dutcher
    Hey phatdad, you should add a poll to your crazy woman thread to see how many guy's would hit that big bootie and how many wouldnt.
    I had pm you about the cross over dogbones you had on special for hbf members for $69 shipped there was supposedly 4 sets . Two members posted wanting a total of 3,then i pm you and said i would take a set. I said send me the info so i can pay with paypal. I have not heard back and was wondering do you still have them.excuse the all caps button stuck again.
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