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  • Hey, don't want to start a battle on the forum so this way is safer. Out of curiosity, what's the difference between obr twin and rcmk? I know the heads are different , does obr port their heads and rcmk are stock? Do you have any idea about the hp of each 57? I'm obr all the way, but that 500 dollar difference, would be lying if i didn't say was tempting. Vids rcmk suck balls compared to the obr, theirs Judd seems to have so much more snap..the 500 is defiantly worth it if that's the performance difference i am seeing when comparing videos
    What's up Manny!!! Yeah, Dave mentioned it to me but I was under the impression he was talking about next Saturday ( which is good for me since I'm off) but this Saturday I work... Suxxxx!! Let me know!
    Whats up dude? I took off all the broken stuff... need a Wheel, shock tower top end ( rear ) and lower front control arm... not too bad... Did you find out what was wrong with your engine?
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