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  • hello mrp i orderead a uber rc pipe and iam just wondering does this pipe come with rubber coupling as mine didnt have one in the plastic bag it came in any help would be much appreaciatead
    Im interested in the UberRC Front Chassis Brace Bumper.
    Do you maybee have some pictures from the bumper mounted on a 5b from the bottom of the chassis?
    Thank you.
    Jesus Christ, pop round me house and you can have a go on me missus too plus her sister... I bet you'd still want staff stickers too. :p
    uber is sooo gud to me any chance of one of those uber cf chassis to test lol any chance u can sort me a uber fleece for the bash I KNOW UR BUSY WID GERMANY
    lost my wheel nuts wol took his slicks off and since the i aint seen them boys no where:*( does the uber guarantee warant loss of products:p
    hi mark. it was great to meet you all,let me no when you are meeting again,also would you thank clive for the lift to bristol and the drink after,any chance of some of your stickers please hope to see you all again very soon barry
    hi mark,my mobile no is 07866051237 not always on and my work mobile is 07876757918 between 9.30-1830,mon to friday if any use barry
    hey , ask ones for making the end tube bigger , you gone have a lott rpm s more in the engine ,, i try 2 years now evrything with cilincers ,, this is what i have on my fg( before ) and bajas
    now i have the same system on my rear dom , but i dont have yet a picture ,, try the turn with one tube from 24mm and see what different it make , i let the 10mm from the dom and go over this with one 24mm , try to find one bike silincer with the 22mm or 24mm end tbe also ,,, its working great ,,, more bottom and not loosing rpm s in the top ,, how bigger the end diametr how lower the noice and less power loosing ,,, i send one picture later from my baja with dom ,,
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