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  • I have a rear chassis from Modified RC and i think it's sweet looking
    if you want see it check out my photos
    Hi John,

    I recently snapped my rear dom mount and with the repair and refitting, somehow I have lost the spacer that came with your V1 rear bumper.

    I'm a bit anal about my Baja so would like to make sure I put things back the way they should be.

    Could you tell me the thickness of the spacers you include with your bumpers so I can try and find a similar size nut to use as a spacer?

    Alternatively, what would you charge to post me 2 (1 for a spare!) to Sydney, Australia?

    Thanks mate - appreciate your assistance.


    hi modified i am in australia would u post some items to me am after a rear bumper the aluminium plate style thanks
    hi there can i purchase a set of quick release roll cage tubes from you,i live in the uk (great briton)and do you take payment with paypal...thanks
    hello im from northwest indiana too. im in griffith not too far from you. im interested in getting the quick release roll cage tubes that you make. could i get a set that i could pick up. also just curious if the stiffen up the cage too. thanx, doug
    Hello. I am interested in getting the rear bumper (non polished version) and the roll cage tubes. I am located in Athens, Grrece. Can you tell me what the total is going to be through paypal and if you can mark it low for customs?
    Thank you and best regrads. Andreas Daskalopoulos. [email protected]
    hey john can you tell me how much your rear post extenders are for the back part af the cage so my dom can fit right
    sweet deal,,now thats what i was looking for.ty
    hey,,how come u dont have a single pic(closeup) for all of ur parts on here?er,,a modified rc album i should say.. just a thought.
    Hey its fastflee and im looking for a fuel tank for my bling build monsterman and I are doing..shoot me a pm about price than I may have you send a invoice like always and pay it but I will need the tank or tanks sent to chris..thanks..pm me back please
    Hey John,
    You mentioned that you may be working on something to go behind the tank that may or may not work.
    I was wondering What??? I can keep a secret!
    Also do you have a Prototype on the Radio Box you may also be selling yet?
    Or If you have any Ideas of things you may or may not produce in the future could you let me know Please Pretty Please I,ll be your best Friend LOL!
    Thanks again for the Tank
    Hey John,
    Beautiful work!!!
    I would like to by one of your fuel tanks with dyeable parts and 0ne extra o-ring for the tank lid,
    please send payment info thanks!!!
    I want to thank you for the outstanding quality you do. You spur cover polished out so damn nice, it looks like chrome... thanks again
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